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Crocker Build have undertaken a number of groundworks projects in Guernsey – see below for the details. We also do hard landscaping, driveways and private parking as part of new build or extension contracts – please contact us for more details.

Delancey Lane

Client: Riverside Point (Gsy) Ltd

Development of 4 new residential dwellings:



Blockwork and drainage

Demolition works to remove 8 chalet units and garage

Foundations: 124 linear metres 

Concrete slab: 152 square metres (200mm) C35N

Cavity concrete blockwork: 415 square metres  

Foul and surface water drainage: 102 linear metres and 2 soakaways

Duration: 4 months


North Clifton Residential Development

Client: Rico Developments Ltd

Reinforced concrete basement carpark:



622 tonnes of C40 shuttered concrete

44 tonnes of reinforcement

Steel and mass concrete temporary works to granite Retaining Wall

16 nr. 350mm dia. augured piles

Miscellaneous drainage

Duration: 6 months

Vine House, St Martins 

Client: Private

Stabilisation of challenging terraced garden and landscaping:

Excavation of terracing

Bulk removal of ground

Timber sleepers

Granite walls and steps

Blockwork and external rendering


Duration: 3 months

Jardin des Roches, Vale

Client: Private 

Removal of existing swimming pool, groundworks and landscaping of garden:

Removal of old swimming pool and associated M&E pipework, electrics, etc.

Infilling and compacting groundworks

Concrete slab and paving

Blockwork and brickwork


Duration: 2 months

Island House Car Park, Grande Rue, St Martins 

Client: Sandpiper C.I. Ltd.

Construction of new car park and associated drainage and lighting works: 

Tarmac surfacing: 1,900 metres square 

Hardcore stone base: 570 cubic metres 

Installation of 3-stage petrol interceptor

Installation of 350 nr. polystorm soakaway units

Kerbing: 160 metres

Electrical ducting: 220 metres

Duration: 3 months

Guernsey Tennis Centre Car Park 

Client: Guernsey Tennis Centre

Construction of a new car park and access
road plus associated drainage and construction of Guernsey earth banks.

Duration: 3 months

Cobo Coastal Defence 

Client: Environment Department, States of Guernsey

Remedial works to German casemate bunker to provide a long term coastal defence:

Reinforced concrete demolition: 450 cubic metres

In-situ concrete: 420 cubic metres

Reinforcement: 20 tonnes 

Installation of rock anchors

Tidal working conditions

Duration: 2 months

Castel Farm Eggs 

Client: Castel Farm Eggs

Removal of the existing reinforced concrete slab and construction of a new slab with mass concrete pad foundations for new barn:

Excavation and breaking up of old concrete slab 

Grade C35N concrete slab: 155 square metres 

Powerfloat finish

Plate load deflection testing to foundations

Duration: 1 month

Captains Hotel, St Martins 

Client: Lapwing Ltd

Drainage and tanking works to remedy severe damp problems and water ingress experienced by basement kitchen:


Concrete retaining walls  

Foul and surface water drainage works 

Excavation to expose existing walls

Mass concrete shuttered walls

Bituthene tanking installed to walls

Extensive foul and surface water drainage carried out

Duration: 1 month

Houmet Housing Scheme 

Client: Phoenix Construction Ltd

Installation of new foul water package pumping station and 90mm diameter rising main:

Excavation and shoring 

Installation of dual vortex package pumping station

(Edincare Magnagrand 4,500 litre)

Mechanical, electrical and commissioning works to station

Conduit, control kiosk and landscaping works

Duration: 1 month

Riverside Point (Gsy) Ltd
Rico Developments
Sandpiper C.I. Ltd
Guernsey Tennis Centre
States of Guernsey
Castel Farm Eggs
Phoenix Construction Ltd
Lapwing Ltd
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